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“I was young when my mother was diagnosed with cancer and my sister is blind, so I feel like health care has been in front of me my whole life. The SE Health HSW-PSW Certificate Training Program helped me to further my education and work in an interesting role while contributing to our health care system during the COVID-19 crisis. It also allowed me to earn a pay cheque and support my family after being laid off from my job last year. I’m so glad I found this innovative program that continues to make a meaningful difference for me in many ways.”

-Monika Janeczek, 2021 HSW-PSW Certificate Training Program graduate and recipient of the Award of Excellence, for compassionate person-centered care and superior performance in the classroom and clinical setting.

Free Tuition + Bonuses
Earn a paycheque while completing the HSW program
Work While You Learn
Receive training from experienced, highly knowledgeable and friendly trainers

Program Overview

SE Health sees that organizations across Ontario are seeking accessible and creative education solutions to address the critical shortage of Personal Support Workers (PSWs). That need is even greater now because of the COVID-19 pandemic. We recognize the urgency to have support workers in place delivering care and service to those who need it most – as quickly as possible.

At the same time, we empathize with potential PSWs, who don’t always have access to college programs, are unable to pay tuition or be out of work for the time required to take a training program. We know many people have also lost their jobs during the pandemic and our HSW-PSW Certificate Training Program may be the perfect answer for you.

With a not-for-profit regulated college and an approved PSW program, SE Health is proud to be leading a solution to support individuals and organizations during challenging times, and at all times, as they work to bring health care home.

For Students

How it Works

During the first four weeks of our 30-week HSW-PSW Certificate Training Program, you are paid to attend classes. Following this period, you begin working as a (paid) HSW while taking PSW classes. You are never without a pay cheque.

As you spend the next 26 weeks completing the PSW Certificate Program, PSW classes are conveniently scheduled, allowing you to work as a HSW in the mornings, evening and on weekends. PSW classes begin with 13 weeks of virtual classes, followed by three weeks of ‘hands-on’ lab work where you learn how to safely and efficiently perform each skill, such as transferring, feeding and grooming with support from a qualified instructor.

In the final stage, you complete two practicum placements – the first at a Long-Term Care Facility and the second in your local community – to ensure you are ready for your new career.


  • Free tuition for the HSW and PSW programs
  • Immediate employment - you will be paid to train as a HSW
  • You will work as a HSW, while attending PSW classes
  • Your HSW work hours are scheduled around PSW class time (for convenience)
  • The program is offered at various locations across Ontario

To find out more about this employment and training opportunity, please contact: humanresources@sehc.com

What is a HSW/PSW?

PSW Stories

“The last twenty years has been an amazing journey and I wouldn’t change a minute of it. Our team is truly dedicated to our patients and we are all supportive of each other. We go above and beyond with simple things such as remembering a patient’s birthday with their favourite treat. It means the world to them.

I have many favourite moments of being a PSW; from making lunch and tea, sitting and listening to a 98-year-old’s childhood memories so she’s not eating alone, to getting out the family album with an 88-year-old man reminiscing about his wife who has passed.

I sang “You are My Sunshine” with a patient who had dementia while I helped her in the shower. After the personal care is completed, patients want communication – to share their lives with someone, if only for a few minutes. During the pandemic, it was, sometimes, their only social interaction.

It is an honour to work with SE Health. Their stellar reputation allows me to do a job that I love and the people along the way have touched my life immeasurably.”

– Rose M.


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